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Hello, gluten free foodies!

Experimenting in the kitchen is one of my great joys in life! Which is a good thing–because a few years ago I found out that I have mild allergies to both wheat and tomatoes. It comes as quite a shock when you suddenly can’t eat something that has been a daily part of your diet. For the first couple of years I just stuck to potatoes and rice. I didn’t even really give gluten-free breads a try, because they seemed so unappealing. Eating wheat free has been much more enjoyable, since I discovered the joy of gluten free all purpose flours and xanthan gum. I don’t claim to be an amazing cook, and for the most part, the things I make are a least partially based on someone else’s recipe. So, I’ll give credit where credit is due–but also tell you what I did differently.

I have another blog that has gone a different direction from food, so I’ll be moving those recipes over here.

Happy Eating!

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